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Getting it covered

Hi all,

Following some time dedicated to drawing up some fuller stories based on my imagery, I decided to start experimenting with some cover ideas.

I have stuck with a basic cover which is quite boldly stating who the main characters are within the story…

whilst contrasting them with some lightly applied watercolours in the background.

I have merely used my own handwriting for the font on the cover. I wanted something quite bold, but not something that takes focus away from the image…

My final experiment, consisted of an idea for a series of stories, “The Holiday Series.” For this experiment, the format is slightly different, seeing me revert to my traditional style of working to create the colour for the background, whilst also dabbling with a digital font found on Photoshop…

Holiday seriesa

I hope that 2018 brings more success for Tiger and Friends, whilst also ensuring that I remain inspired and creative. I hope to go to new places and visit attractions that will inspire my work.

I hope that 2018 is a wonderful year for you all and I shall hopefully be updating you on Tiger, very early on in the new year.

Many thanks for your support throughout 2017.

Happy new year to you all!



Tiger visits space

On his latest adventure, Tiger has been visiting space. Joining Tiger on this adventure was his canary friend who is determined to race him to the moon. But who will win?

I had a lot of fun working with this story, as it allowed me to experiment with overlaying, patterned plastic sheets, sequins and pastel dusting effects to really capture the twinkles and atmosphere with what we associate with being out there.

I also felt that this story used two of our favourite characters well, allowing them to teach about planets on their journey whilst providing the fun element of the race.

JupiterMoon flag


As previously mentioned, I have also been dedicating some time to stories based around my bird characters and their associated characteristics. These stories are coming along nicely and I hope to post up some examples here soon.

Recently, for my birthday, I received a new sewing machine which will certainly come in handy for the craft side of things, but besides that, I hope to experiment with the usage of stitching in my illustrations and to see how effectively it works. Stitching as part of illustration certainly isn’t anything new, but I will enjoy seeing how it works alongside my style.

Until next time, enjoy yourselves and stay creative!

Take care


The flamingo who was going places

Whilst sending off my work to various publishers, promoting my “Tiger and Friends” project, I received some very positive feedback regarding my bird characters.

One of the birds that I presented was my flamingo character. Having had the feedback that I had, I felt that I should perhaps give the bird characters a bit more of a background and even some stories alongside what had previously only been dominated by Tiger himself.

So I set to work planning stories which complemented certain birds, quickly concentrating on size and the ability to fly (or not fly). In this first story example, I focused on a flamingo who would face up to many obstacles which stand in his way, in true children’s story style. Below are a few examples of how I set about telling this story…


Whilst finally settling back into the life of illustration after a busy few months of promoting my work, I have found that just putting a pen/pencil to paper has given me endless inspiration for future story ideas and ways of recycling and upgrading the work that I have already done.

I have spent quite a bit of my spare time working on my craft projects recently, so I shall get some pictures posted up soon of something a little less Tiger and Friends, but something that I like to show from time to time.

Until next time, stay creative!




Back to the start

Whilst busily scanning in my latest pictures of Tiger and Friends, I stumbled across an old folder with my university work in it. It was whilst studying for my final major project at university that I was able to discover and experiment with the style that I apply to all of my work today.

I thought I would take the time to share some of my old work with you, to show you where my style originated from and to show how it can be applied in other formats when needed…

My final major project focused on the word “Secret” and for me, this developed into a focus on addictions, in this case, Chocoholics and caffeine addicts. I started with basic sketches, as I always do, but time spent on experimenting allowed for the developing of my own personal style praised by my lecturers and peers alike.

Tiger wouldn’t come into my life until 2 years later and he too was discovered at the same university, but this was whilst I was working there as opposed to studying there. It is true what people say, always have a sketch pad/writing pad to hand, as you never know when an idea will spring to mind. Luckily, this didn’t happen to me in the middle of a lecture on psychology whilst I was supposed to be taking notes for a student!

My next couple of entries will focus on my craft work alongside my illustration projects and I shall also introduce you to some new stories that I have quickly got down on paper. I am yet to hear anything more on getting my work published, but I shall continue to work towards it!

Happy 2016 to you all!

Best wishes

Rachel, Tiger and Friends

Page spreads

Lately I have been busy experimenting with Adobe InDesign and looking at how I can actually fit my designs together. I need to carefully consider the size of the pages. Should I go landscape or portrait? Should I go A4 or A5?

Some of the examples that can be found here, feature some digitally added imagery as background features. This looks great, but I am keen to experiment with continuous collage and hand drawn imagery for the background too.

A5 sealife 2 A5 sealife Double page spread sealife Double page spread zoo

Copyright (c) 2012 – 2015 Rachel Denison

I have also really enjoyed using the feathering effect to enhance the edges of imagery.

Keep an eye out for hand drawn imagery examples and more colourful contrasts in the near future!

Best wishes!


Photoshop fun

Hi folks,

I’ve got to the point where I am working to get each page of my stories to a finished and presentable stage, and this has involved experiments with composition and having a bit of fun with Photoshop filters.

For some aspects in particular, such as: fish tanks, reptile tanks and Santa in the chimney, I felt that the lighting effects could look interesting.

Here are some examples of how the page layouts are coming along…

Copyright (c) 2014 Rachel Denison
Copyright (c) 2014 Rachel Denison
Copyright (c) 2014 Rachel Denison
Copyright (c) 2014 Rachel Denison
Copyright (c) 2014 Rachel Denison
Copyright (c) 2014 Rachel Denison
Copyright (c) 2014 Rachel Denison
Copyright (c) 2014 Rachel Denison

There is still quite a lot to do, including the deciding of what size the pages should be and how the text should appear alongside the images. A lot of the ideas above are of A4 size, but it may be that the imagery works better without so much empty space surrounding it. I am always open to any suggestions or requests, so please feel welcome to get in touch or leave a comment. Of course I shall continue to post up developments as they come along.

I believe I might have promised a peek at some of my craft work on my last post, so here you go…


Above we have crochet with some nice little embellishments sewn on and some bought hair accessories accompanied by embellishments and super glue. All good fun when working alongside a radio blaring some cheesy 80s and Christmas tunes. I love them, but do I sell? Hmm.

Christmas crafts with Tiger and Friends

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well.

The past month has seen me return to being a part time illustrator, as I have started a new temporary role as a data entry clerk up to Christmas.

Whilst enjoying the new role during the week, I still make for Tiger and Friends during the evenings and at the weekend. During the past few weeks I have got a bit carried away with the festivities and have been covering images with clear film decorated with snowflakes, whilst also sticking our friends on cards and gift tags.

Here are some of the results…




Alongside my hand drawn imagery, I have also got stuck into decorating hair accessories with buttons and the like (I shall try and remember to post up pictures!)

Besides the crafty side of things, I have been busy tidying up the imagery that I have previously created and ensuring that all looks sharp. In particular, Brady’s corded jumper has had a few stringy bits trimmed off, so he looks far more of a young gentleman now.

Next time, I shall treat you to some newly edited imagery and the introduction of Tiger and his family to scenery. I shall also try to remember the crafty bits concerning the hair accessories (although sadly Tiger and his friends do not appear on these.)

Until next time, behave yourselves!

Best wishes from Rachel and Tiger