Monthly Archives: November 2017

Bringing back the classics

Hi all,

I’ve been busy over the last few weeks, messing up my room with old sketchbooks lying around. The old sketchbooks have allowed me to create a lot of new imagery and I can highly recommend it to anyone suffering artists’ block.

Sometimes, you might find a page of work where you realise you never actually finished that piece or perhaps that sketch that led to nothing before, is now causing ideas to form in your head.

I am proud to inform that my room is now a lot tidier, but now that is all done and the sketchbooks are packed away again, I thought I would share some old imagery with you all here.

As you can see, the image at the supermarket, which I created some time ago but had to apply edits to, now includes an old image incorporated into the background. The images above are samples of a sketchbook which made up my final major project at university. The pictures have been drawn from photographs that I have traced over. Although the image of Mum and Dad shopping is very cartoon like in comparison, the tracing paper and collage aspect remains. I think to incorporate the more graphic style into my cartoon based images, could stand out as something that bit more unique. I look forward to applying more experiments in the near future.

Soon, I hope to show some examples of street scene experiments that I have been building up. Meanwhile, I am going to continue editing the new and old imagery that I have, sometimes blending the two together as I go along.

Meanwhile, I highly recommend that you all make a mess and leave out your old sketchbooks, papers and drawings lying around where you can see them and be inspired. You can only tidy up when you’ve finished your arty homework!

All the best and take care!