Daily Archives: November 27, 2016

Tiger’s seat

The latest story idea that I have been toying with, is an idea of Tiger getting comfortable in places where people would prefer he wasn’t. Tiger has been parking himself in Mum & Dad’s bed, the computer chair & even the wash basket! Whilst some places are somewhat appropriate, his family face a battle to encourage Tiger back to the warmth of his cat basket.

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Nobody wants their cat getting too comfy in their wash basket, nobody wants to disturb Tiger when they climb into bed & nobody wants to sit on Tiger when they settle down to watch telly or get down to some work on the computer. This will make up a humorous story which focuses on little things that pets do to wind us up, remind us that they need basic training & best of all, remind us that they make us laugh & love them with their funny quirks!

Enjoy these few samples & I shall hopefully be back soon to introduce you to my latest pigeon race story samples & the family’s bee keeping antics.

Take care!