The flamingo who was going places

Whilst sending off my work to various publishers, promoting my “Tiger and Friends” project, I received some very positive feedback regarding my bird characters.

One of the birds that I presented was my flamingo character. Having had the feedback that I had, I felt that I should perhaps give the bird characters a bit more of a background and even some stories alongside what had previously only been dominated by Tiger himself.

So I set to work planning stories which complemented certain birds, quickly concentrating on size and the ability to fly (or not fly). In this first story example, I focused on a flamingo who would face up to many obstacles which stand in his way, in true children’s story style. Below are a few examples of how I set about telling this story…


Whilst finally settling back into the life of illustration after a busy few months of promoting my work, I have found that just putting a pen/pencil to paper has given me endless inspiration for future story ideas and ways of recycling and upgrading the work that I have already done.

I have spent quite a bit of my spare time working on my craft projects recently, so I shall get some pictures posted up soon of something a little less Tiger and Friends, but something that I like to show from time to time.

Until next time, stay creative!





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