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Tiger visits space

On his latest adventure, Tiger has been visiting space. Joining Tiger on this adventure was his canary friend who is determined to race him to the moon. But who will win?

I had a lot of fun working with this story, as it allowed me to experiment with overlaying, patterned plastic sheets, sequins and pastel dusting effects to really capture the twinkles and atmosphere with what we associate with being out there.

I also felt that this story used two of our favourite characters well, allowing them to teach about planets on their journey whilst providing the fun element of the race.

JupiterMoon flag


As previously mentioned, I have also been dedicating some time to stories based around my bird characters and their associated characteristics. These stories are coming along nicely and I hope to post up some examples here soon.

Recently, for my birthday, I received a new sewing machine which will certainly come in handy for the craft side of things, but besides that, I hope to experiment with the usage of stitching in my illustrations and to see how effectively it works. Stitching as part of illustration certainly isn’t anything new, but I will enjoy seeing how it works alongside my style.

Until next time, enjoy yourselves and stay creative!

Take care



The flamingo who was going places

Whilst sending off my work to various publishers, promoting my “Tiger and Friends” project, I received some very positive feedback regarding my bird characters.

One of the birds that I presented was my flamingo character. Having had the feedback that I had, I felt that I should perhaps give the bird characters a bit more of a background and even some stories alongside what had previously only been dominated by Tiger himself.

So I set to work planning stories which complemented certain birds, quickly concentrating on size and the ability to fly (or not fly). In this first story example, I focused on a flamingo who would face up to many obstacles which stand in his way, in true children’s story style. Below are a few examples of how I set about telling this story…


Whilst finally settling back into the life of illustration after a busy few months of promoting my work, I have found that just putting a pen/pencil to paper has given me endless inspiration for future story ideas and ways of recycling and upgrading the work that I have already done.

I have spent quite a bit of my spare time working on my craft projects recently, so I shall get some pictures posted up soon of something a little less Tiger and Friends, but something that I like to show from time to time.

Until next time, stay creative!