Let’s go crazy!

Okay, so I have completely exhausted my list of contacts regarding children’s book publishers, I have received emails of both a positive and negative nature, and for other responses I shall continue to wait, but all of a sudden, when I return home from work at night. I am left with the ultimate of dilemmas, a complete lack of a goal.

I always told myself that I would compile some illustration of the best standard and then send it off once I felt comfortable with the quality at hand. It took many months of weighing up what looked good and what lacked professionalism, it took a lot of research to find out who to contact and how to address the very important folk who would be judging my work, but finally, I reached that point.

So with the work done, I promised myself a break with which to enjoy my other hobbies, and there are plenty, such as crochet, cross stitch and writing amongst other things, but there is already that overwhelming pull towards getting more done and I believe that the time will come sooner than anticipated for me to put pen to paper and continue to combat illustration above all else.

An illustrator’s work is never done and to gain that bit of extra motivation and inspiration to keep my work fresh, I am currently enjoying a bit of messy time with Keri Smith’s “Wreck this Journal” and “Mess” where I am thoroughly enjoying rubbing make up all over the pages amongst other crazy but fun ideas of hers. I also treated myself to the “Things to draw” and “Things to write” books from Waterstones, way back during the January sales, so I am surrounding myself with things that really just allow me to go that bit crazy. I am making a lot of mess, but I am introducing myself to the maddest of new techniques and I am having a lot of fun in doing so.

So if you ever suffer from Illustrators’ block (our equivalent to writers’ block) then just go crazy!


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