Okay, I don’t strictly mean “Materialising” in its usual form, but I have recently got to thinking about the likes of the Radley dog and the From Me to You bears, and I have been picturing just where else Tiger can appear alongside paper. I have started gathering images of materials and, with the power of Photoshop, worked to recreate with some embossing and layering options, just how Tiger may look on…

Leather (purses etc)

Tiger on leather 3 Tiger on leather 4 Tiger on leather 5

As you can see, I have varied the ways in which Tiger would appear on leather. Tiger is recognisable as a print and as also when embossed. There is also the question of whether a face would be preferred or not.


Tiger on towel

Quite often, towels come with an image of perhaps flowers or dolphins in the corner. Here we have none other but our favourite cat, Tiger!

T-Shirts and labelling

Tiger T-shirtTiger labels

Here we have Tiger on a T-Shirt along with a potential labelling idea alongside it. With Tiger being such a fashionable cat, the idea of wearing him is sure to be a winner.

I shall continue to explore potential ideas for Tiger’s future. As always, I am keen to hear from you. Do you have any requests regarding Tiger? Do you have any opportunities where you are, for Tiger? I am always open to comments and suggestions.

Until next time, I shall love you and leave you.

Wishing you all a merry Valentine’s day!


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