Monthly Archives: November 2014

Christmas crafts with Tiger and Friends

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well.

The past month has seen me return to being a part time illustrator, as I have started a new temporary role as a data entry clerk up to Christmas.

Whilst enjoying the new role during the week, I still make for Tiger and Friends during the evenings and at the weekend. During the past few weeks I have got a bit carried away with the festivities and have been covering images with clear film decorated with snowflakes, whilst also sticking our friends on cards and gift tags.

Here are some of the results…




Alongside my hand drawn imagery, I have also got stuck into decorating hair accessories with buttons and the like (I shall try and remember to post up pictures!)

Besides the crafty side of things, I have been busy tidying up the imagery that I have previously created and ensuring that all looks sharp. In particular, Brady’s corded jumper has had a few stringy bits trimmed off, so he looks far more of a young gentleman now.

Next time, I shall treat you to some newly edited imagery and the introduction of Tiger and his family to scenery. I shall also try to remember the crafty bits concerning the hair accessories (although sadly Tiger and his friends do not appear on these.)

Until next time, behave yourselves!

Best wishes from Rachel and Tiger