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Putting the pieces together

Hi everyone, I have recently finished another temporary work contract, so whilst awaiting interviews for future opportunities, I am currently a full time illustrator! I have been very strict with myself, as I am now very much in charge of my hours and deadlines. I was quick to learn of just how far in advance work needs to go into greetings cards, and they have taken up quite a bit of my time recently, despite them being the smaller of my two projects. Being able to really focus on my illustration work full time has also allowed me that bit of extra time to really start experimenting with Tiger’s stories and to start piecing items together. In particular, I have been able to start matching up animals with backgrounds to see where colours and styles really work well or where they clash. The following imagery focuses on scenes from the zoo, but I am hoping to bring similar examples from the sea life and reptile house stories soon.

zoo pond 6a
Copyright (c) 2012 – 2015 Rachel Denison

Some of the animals which are ready to experiment with, include a tiger, aardvark and something which was described as looking like a large guinea pig!

As you have probably noticed, bars are added appropriately for the less friendly of our animals!

Zoo pond 2a
Copyright (c) 2012 – 2015 Rachel Denison
zoo grounds 3a
Copyright (c) 2012 – 2015 Rachel Denison
Zoo pond a
Copyright (c) 2012 – 2015 Rachel Denison

As always, I welcome and appreciate any feedback and recommendations from you all.