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New friends!

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while, but amongst preparing for job interviews and studying an online course in web design, I have been working very hard with Tiger and all of his friends.

Whilst Tiger’s stories are developing nicely (particularly his zoo story) I thought I would use today to introduce the creation of a few new friends.

Besides Tiger, my biggest focus has been on Canary so far, but I couldn’t help but be inspired by other birds and their day to day goings on. All the time, I have been considering how I can incorporate these new characters into cute new stories.

First there were pigeons and their battles for chips…

Pigeon chips
Copyright (c) 2012 – 2015 Rachel Denison
Parrot alone
Copyright (c) 2012 – 2015 Rachel Denison

Then there was the parrot who yearned to talk with humans.

Finally, there was the separation between flamingos and the hope of resolved friendships.

Pink and white flamingos
Copyright (c) 2012 – 2015 Rachel Denison

These are a series of short stories which will possibly be combined with a story based around Tiger. The flamingos originated in Tiger’s trip to the zoo, but I felt that there was the potential for a whole new story involving them.

So far, these stories don’t feature any scenery, and I need to debate (with your help which would always be appreciated) to decide whether these characters work well enough without any scenery.

Until next time, take care, and wish me luck in my upcoming job interview (eek!)