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Trying to fit in

Hi everyone,

I have recently presented a new family of very fashionable looking characters to accompany Tiger on his adventures. Of course, now that I know what the characters look like, I have since had the job of inserting them into ready built scenes and situations.

Here are some layout tracings, where I had to draw the characters’ and their positions upon the scene at hand:

fit in 2
Copyright (c) 2014 Rachel Denison
fit in 3
Copyright (c) 2014 Rachel Denison
fit in 4
Copyright (c) 2014 Rachel Denison

Once I was able to get the positioning of each character right, I then had to draw them up properly and hope that they fitted in smoothly with the rest of the scene. Here were the results:

As things are continuing to build and build, I now feel that the biggest thing missing is the accompanying scenery. Some pages work better plain or with a small image amongst a clean slate, but I am missing a large amount of scenery in general, and having come up with these results so far, and viewing them in their current state, I feel that the drawing up of scenery needs to be my next step.

I am currently pulling together some scenery ideas, and drawing them into ready made scenes in the same way as I did my characters.

Family and giraffe
Copyright (c) 2012 – 2015 Rachel Denison
Family and motorbike
Copyright (c) 2012 – 2015 Rachel Denison

Here are some sketches, along with ideas of graphic styles to incorporate into the surroundings…

City fit 1City fit 2City fit 3City street 2City street

graphic 1graphic 3graphic 4graphic 5

So there you have it.

I see this as being quite a major and perhaps a final step in the creation of full on storybook illustrations. Of course I shall look forward to presenting you with my updates as I go along, and we can debate certain things which look good, bad, better or worse.

For now, I shall love you and leave you with this blog entry, which has quite a lot of imagery!

Until next time, take care.



Meet the family!

Hi everyone,

I am proud to finally be able to present Tiger’s family.

It took me a while to decide on exactly who Tiger should live with, but I did eventually decide on a full on family, made up of a mum, dad, son and daughter.

Copyright (c) 2012 - 2015 Rachel Denison
Copyright (c) 2015 Rachel Denison

I have named the son and daughter Brady and Clancy, which I thought were cute names and ones that are also not heard too often. Their parents will just be known as mum and dad for the time being, as I have still not decided on a name, and maybe it will just be better that way. Recently I noticed a hint of disappointment on a breakfast show presenter’s face when he learned of Mr Benn’s first name, you mean his name wasn’t just Mr Benn?! So maybe a lack of name is somewhat inspired.

Tiger and girl
Copyright (c) 2014-2015 Rachel Denison
Tiger and boy 8
Copyright (c) 2014-2015 Rachel Denison
Tiger and boy 9
Copyright (c) 2014-2015 Rachel Denison

A large amount of Tiger’s time will be spent with either Brady or Clancy. Brady has required a lot of patience, as I have been working with striped collage for his jumper, whereas Clancy’s top has drawn on texture with watercolour shading.

I am now in the process of developing other sketches up to this standard and then working on bringing finalised stories together. I have recently finished a temporary job, so whilst looking out for new opportunities, I am keeping myself busy with this happy family!

I am yet to really consider the characters’ hobbies and interests, and what would really make them stand out, but this will begin to develop with a bit of time, and I shall look forward to seeing it all blossom.

Until next time, enjoy yourselves and take care!

Best wishes from Tiger, Brady, Clancy, Mum, Dad, and not forgetting me!