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Developing the stories, sketchbook style!

I have spent the last few days huddled over books, photos and the internet, checking out poses and inspiration behind the many scenes of Tiger’s stories.

There were so many lines to so many stories which remained undeveloped, and I have been busy filling in the gaps. Although what I present to you today are only sketches, I am pleased with the results, and intend to develop these into final pieces.

tiger sketch 10
Copyright (c) 2014 Rachel Denison
tiger sketch 11
Copyright (c) 2014 Rachel Denison
tiger sketch 9
Copyright (c) 2014 Rachel Denison
tiger sketch 8
Copyright (c) 2014 Rachel Denison
tiger sketch 7
Copyright (c) 2014 Rachel Denison

As you can also tell, Tiger’s owner(s) still lack an identity, but having developed this imagery, I have felt that the more characters to entertain Tiger, the better. Tiger will of course be a very loyal friend, but he enjoys socialising and likes to be loyal to plenty of people. Scenes which involve carol singing and building snowmen have featured a group of people, and I intend to develop a family of four for Tiger (mum, dad, son and daughter). I feel that a family of four will provide a character for everyone to relate to and to pick out as a favourite.

So there you have it, development in the stories and the decision made about who Tiger will belong to. I am now going to bring this imagery out of the sketchbook and into a coloured format.

I am very excited about the progression and hope you will all enjoy!

Take care,